Shared Restaurant Membership Rules 2021

Chapter 1: Overview

Article 1: Shared Restaurant (SR) implements real-name registration for members, and members

refer to individuals or organisations that voluntarily register on the official website.

Article 2: SR safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of members; aims to provide a shared,

consensus and win-win Internet e-commerce platform for the beef industry.

Article 3: Members mainly refer to valid members registered in SR.

Chapter 2: Service

Article 4: SR's business scope includes:

1.Australian beef cattle and beef industry

2.E-commerce and gourmet cooking industry

Chapter 3: Membership

Article 5: Members are composed of individuals and/or organisations.

Article 6: To apply for membership, the following conditions must be met:

1.Agree SR's business model

2.Actively participate in various business activities of SR

Article 7: Members enjoy the following rights and benefits:

1.Right to use membership points

2.Consumer rights in joint business

Article 8: Members fulfil the following obligations:

1.Actively participate in member online interaction and offline activities

2.Member information should be updated in time when there is a change

Article 9: Free to join or cancel membership

Article 10: Membership cancellation:

If a member violates the following content, SR has the right to cancel its membership

1.Serious violation of laws and regulations

2.Cause major hidden dangers to the development of SR

3.Provide false information in the process of applying for membership, causing serious damage to


Article 11: Change and termination of membership

1.This member uses real-name registration

2.In case of violation of regulations, the paid membership fee will not be refunded.

Chapter 4: Standards and Payment of Membership Fees

Article 12: Regarding the standards and payment:

Standard member: Free

VIP member: AUD$1/per month

Gold member:AUD$365/per annual

Diamond member: AUS$2,000/per annual

Article 13: The membership fee is paid at the time of registration, payment by instalments can be


Article 14: Members should pay the fee on time, if they do not pay, they will be processed for


Chapter 5: Supplementary Provisions

Article 15: Disclaimer:

Under the principle of openness, and fairness, only the transaction behaviour and contractual

relationship between members are provided with service guarantees.

Article 16: The final interpretation right of this rules belongs to Shared Restaurant (SR)